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Welcomed to Shamanism Düsseldorf!

This is a group for anyone interested in Shamanism and Earth-based Spirituality.
Reconnecting to Mother Nature helps us to know who we really are in our core and to follow the flow of life with our heart. Mother Nature helps us also to manifest the things we want to achieve in life if we show her our respect and appreciation.
Anyone is welcomed in this community regardless of their experience or level.
Only an open heart and kindness is required :)

We will organise different events depending on who is visiting us in Düsseldorf --> Two well experienced Shamans are joining this group: one shaman lady from Transylvania and one man from North America with roots in Native American tradition.

Energy healing circles and lectures will be organised as well as other workshops and private appointments.
Women circles, meditation and other activities in beginner level will be offered by practitioners.

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Energy Healing Circle 🙌🏻

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This is an opportunity to feel the energies during a healing session in a group. Shaman Hawk started doing this healing group many years ago in USA with great success and he will be in Düsseldorf the last week of July, so we would like to welcome new people to these exercises. We will do a short introduction about it and a group meditation. After that, practitioners will offer a short energy healing on different tables (10, 15 min depending on how many attendants). Everyone (who wants) will receive energy healing work and while other people are on the table, we will keep a meditative state to send love and positive energy around 🙏🏻💞 This is an exercise to open yourself as much as you want. After the healing session we will comment about the experience and how you felt it (those who want) and we will have time for a tea and talk after we finish. We are looking forward to see you there and share this experience together!✨ Price: 10€ - to pay at the place

Shaman Hawk in Düsseldorf_appointments

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Shaman Hawk started his Shamanic journey at the age of 6 in 1964 with a traditional training from his family after experienced some dreams and information from spirits. He trained during 10 years under the Native American traditions of Seneca and Mohawk and proofed himself in his journey independently after that for more than 40 years. He was also trained with old German Shamanism which was common before Christianity. Hawk has a world wide reputation for a wide variety of activities in ceremonies, personal coaching, healing, clearing of negative energies, dream interpretation, divination and much more🦅 In his private appointments in Düsseldorf he offers help and guidance to his clients with different technics including stone reading, energy healing, drumming, past life regression, clearing massages and coaching🙏🏻 —> I will assist Shaman Hawk as practitioner. If you are interested in a private appointment with us, please send me a message here or to my email ([masked]) or you can text Shaman Hawk to his email: [masked]

Introduction to Shamanism part 2 with Shaman Hawk

In this workshop we will go into the working details of the subjects introduced in part 1: Shaman Hawk will explain how the energy healing circles work, so you will be able to participate in them and use the practice to help others🙏🏻 He will also explain about geomancy and alchemy and how these can be used to change your life☘️ You will understand how negative energies and the influences of dark forces can be cleared from your life and structures of home and businesses🏡 Shaman Hawk will also explain how to manage the life changes that come when a person wants to get out of the every day routine and live the Shamanic lifestyle💫 Price: 10€- pay beforehand through PayPal to secure your spot —> [masked] ( if you don’t have PayPal send me a private message and I will give you my bank account) After the workshop there is some free time to talk and ask Shaman Hawk anything you need.

Sex Magik and Sexual Alchemy🌹✨

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The Earth is a very sexual planet. Almost every form of life has come from some type of sexual act. Until the last couple thousand years, sex was celebrated in ceremonies in most cultures around the world, including from ancient Egyptians to Greeks, Native Americans and Pagans among others. Until the religions that spread fear, guilt and shame were settled down and suppressed sexual freedom in society, sex was openly enjoyed and included in spiritual rituals for the fertility of fields and in specific ceremonies to bring forth the energies of abundance, healing and celebrate the circles of Earth and the human connection to Nature🌺 In the higher levels of Spirituality and Shamanism, Sex Magik is used to enhance the intentions and results of the practitioners.It is still used to share knowledge and skills from one person to another and to manifest things in life coming from our sexual energy. Nowadays there are systems that try to share this knowledge through yoga and other tantric practices, but they cannot give the detailed descriptions that Shaman Hawk will give in this workshop, thanks to his experience and understanding of the sexual alchemy. At the end of this session you will have a clear understanding of level 1 of Sex Magik and you will have exercises to practice on your own or with your lovers❤️ ——— *Important information for this workshop* > this is a serious subject shared in the shamanic community and we kindly ask people to come with honest intentions and an open mind > places will be limited and I will formulate a couple of general questions to the participants (privately) before the workshop to understand the atmosphere of the group > you can bring your partner/lovers to this workshop, for that please sign up the number of guests and kindly pay the deposits for all guests > the workshop will take around 4.5~5 hours including a tea&snack break in between > any questions you may have you can ask afterwards in private or during the workshop if you want to share it with the group > price: 30€. Deposit of 15€ is required to secure your spot. Payment through PayPal: [masked] If you don’t have PayPal, please send me a private message and I will send my bank account

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Women Circle in Nature🌲🧘🏻‍♀️

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