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We are a motley crew of dreamers who are unhealthily obsessed with consuming information and changing ourselves and those around us. We love software, tech and anything (from any discipline) that is going to change the world. Apart from our wider focus, we believe that meetups should be a lot of fun where laughing out loud and meeting new people is built in, not an opt-in extra.

At Software Circus meetups you can expect two things:

• A broad range of subjects, perfectly suited to the discerning expert-generalist

• More 'meet'ing and less listening

And since it's circus it has to be fun too of course.

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Exploring Knative build capabilities with Aleks and Andreas!

Container Solutions B.V.

Welcome to July Edition of Software Circus! This summer, we are having our Container Solutions Kubernetes experts - Andreas Krivas and Aleksandr Guljajev talking about Knative platform. Venue: Container Solutions - De Ruijterkade 143 · Amsterdam, NH 18:00 - Welcome Drinks & Pizza 18:30 - Presentation by Aleks and Andreas 19:15 - Q&A, Networking and drinks 20:30 - End of the event Exploring Knative build capabilities Knative promises to be a useful workflow tool for developers writing cloud native applications. We explore what possibilities Knative provides to server-side developers to simplify building and deploying applications to run in Kubernetes based environment. We will concentrate on knative build capabilities to see how useful it is when developing Cloud Native applications. Andreas Krivas' bio: Enthusiastic about solving complex problems, I am dedicated to help the world gain confidence in today’s rapidly shifting technological landscape. Kubernetes, CI/CD, infrastructure as code, cloud technologies are some of topics that keep me busy on a daily basis and from the position of Cloud Native Engineer in Container Solutions, I am trying to make the cloud more reachable to everyone. Aleksandr Guljajev's bio: As a lead developer on a project I had to take on a production release responsibility. It involved a lot of manual steps that often resulted in a mess and broken environments. I thought there should be a better way. That started my journey on CI/CD and automation processes. Around the time Docker came out and the plethora of orchestration projects followed, which increased my fascination with automation and new possibilities in this space. We look forward to seeing you on 25th July! Michal & Roman

Architecture and organisational structure with Sam Newman!

Veranstaltungsort für Mitglieder sichtbar

Welcome to October Edition of Software Circus! This month we are happy to have Sam Newman as a speaker to talk about architecture and organisational structure relation, and what does that mean for microservices. Venue: To Be Announced 17:30-18:00 - Registration and Drinks 18:00-19:00 - Presentation + Q&A 19:00-20:00 - Drinks and Networking 20:00 - Close of the event Rip It Up And Start Again? Much of the attention for microservice architectures tends to focus on the technical aspects. But when you look into the details of organisations that have benefited from this approach you realise that there is more to getting the most out of microservices than lots of shinny new technology. In this talk, you'll see how organisational structures and team responsibilities may need to change if you want to get the most out of adopting a microservice architecture. Looking at traditional IT structures and comparing them with the modern autonomous delivery teams, you’ll explore how to get the organisation and architecture working well together. From Conway's law, to Dunbar's number and two pizza teams, you'll see how you can start to apply these ideas inside your own company. We look forward to seeing you on 8th of October! Michał & Roman

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Large scale Continuous Delivery with Ádám Sándor

Container Solutions B.V.

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