Worum es bei uns geht

We want to improve our technical skills. Learning by doing: Architectural Katas, Coding Dojos, Knowledge Exchange, Moderated Discussions.

This is not about: PowerPoint Presentations, Project Methodologies, Scrum VS XP, Agile VS Lean, Kanban VS Voodoo.

Meetup is once a month. 10x / Year.

We value

• Practical, concrete discussions on code over generic talks

• Solutions applicable in any language over vendor-specific tool marketing

• Exchange of ideas in an open environment over passive listening

• Learning by practicing with peers over hearing and forgetting

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Kubernetes native CI/CD with Jenkins X and Tekton Pipelines

Jenkins X provides pipeline automation, built-in GitOps and preview environments to help teams collaborate and accelerate their software delivery on Kubernetes (https://jenkins-x.io/). In this workshop you will: - Learn the main concepts and architecture of Jenkins X - Install Jenkins X, Prow and Tekton Pipelines using GitOps into a new Kubernetes cluster - Create and deploy a microservice in your programming language of choice - Have an overview of Jenkins X pipeline definition and the buildpacks - Understand the preview environments and their benefits - Promote your microservice from staging to production environment Requirements: - Laptop with admin rights to install software (preferable MacOS/Linux, for Windows users please consider running Linux in a VM). - Sign up to Google Cloud (https://cloud.google.com/products/search/apply/), if you don't already have an account. - You will get free access to a GCP project during the workshop. Please be prepared to provide your account details before the workshop. About Cosmin: Cosmin Cojocar is a Principal Software Engineer at CloudBees working on Jenkins X project. He is also a contributor to Prow a Kubernetes based CI/CD system maintained by the Kubernetes sig-testing group. Prior to that, he worked for Microsoft on cloud-based services and security.

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