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Please join us for our gathering to contemplate Tau Malachi's book: "Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas : Meditations on the Mystical teachings". We are part of Ecclesia Pistis Sophia. We meet every 3 weeks for an ongoing contemplation to explore the mysteries. We welcome new members to join our gathering at any point, because it has no end or beginning.

Of all the "lost" gospels of the early Christian Bible, the Gospel of St. Thomas is the most well known. According to Tau Malachi, each verse of this Holy Scripture is like an "endless well of Wisdom." Drawing upon the Holy Kabbalah, contemporary Christian thought, and wisdom of the gnostic tradition, Malachi guides the reader into a true gnostic experience-a first-hand and completely unique exploration of the sacred secrets and spiritual insights in this important gnostic text.

Both intuitive and interactive, the gnostic approach to faith is a sacred quest for greater knowledge, understanding, and wisdom-a deeper penetration of the Mystery. This path leads to a higher degree of the enlightenment experience or gnosis. The Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas reveals how the reader can use each verse in this scripture as a source of daily contemplation and spiritual growth, while exploring the secrets of resurrection and ascension, the true role of St. Mary Magdalene in the early church, and other mystical and magical teachings.

This gathering is open to all races, creeds and religions, (LGBT friendly) open to men and women who value and honor the mysteries of the Gospel and the various authentic wisdom traditions of this world, including Christianity but not excluding other paths that promote the Mercy of a Loving Holy One. We seek like minded peoples that wish to bring an end of suffering (internal and external)and actively pray for greater happiness amongst all souls in this world.

Our work is supported by donations, love offerings given from the heart.

For more information please visit our website at www.eps-berlin.org

or Tau Malachi's extensive website at www.sophian.org

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