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* Meetup will take place in both Basel and Zurich. Meeting are held in English.


We're all about HEART - Honest Energy, Authentic Raw Transparency in business.

We're here to cultivate a culture of growing a business from your soul. This group is to about providing a creative and energized supportive atmosphere. A space for women to bring together their soul/heart/consciousness with their businesses to serve and create powerful change in this beautiful world. It takes a village to grow - and here's your village. Come and join us! We're excited

We'd like to create a safe space for honest sharing and creative work. If you'd like to join the meetings please full up this form :


With love and joy

Rebecca & Shelly

Shelly is a trailblazer. Following her strong inner guidance, she blazes her own path to support others on their way. By weaving together the elements of personal stories, passions and experiences she connects the dots to allow people to discover their inner beauty and find a support in their unique life tapestry. She has a gift to distil wisdom into a clear and transferable knowledge that helps people free their soul and experience full-expression living in life and in business. See more about Shelly here: http://www.shellysharon.com

Rebecca is a spacemaker – she has the gift to create and hold space for exploration and discovery. She calls herself an ‘accidental entrepreneur,’ and through her work as an Inner Architect she supports others who also find themselves in exciting and unexpected territories. Hence her passion for working with SoulPreneurs - women who follow the pull of their souls into often uncharted territories where they desire to share themselves boldly and authentically. See more about Rebecca here: http://www.rebeccaroberts.com

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