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SC tech meetup session on Frontend technologies

First Talk: Observables - Streams On Steroids

Synopsis: Asynchronous control flows built one of the foundations for Node.js's widespread success. Tracing the execution path through all the callbacks increased the cognitive load, though.

"Reactive Extensions" to the rescue: apply multiple steps of business logic on each item - whenever it flows in.

The talk will include the TC39 proposal for Observables!

Speaker: Stephan Schneider, backend engineer Contentful

Bio: Stephan Schneider (@zcei_GER) 22 y/o backend developer with a soft spot for data processing, working at Contentful


Second talk: Getting your data to be type-safe with TypeScript

Synopsis: TypeScript is an exciting development in the JavaScript world as it allows developers to add type safety to their applications, however using it effectively is not straightforward. Plenty of demos have already shown how TypeScript can prevent you from multiplying a string and a number, but in real-world applications things quickly get a lot more complicated than that. In this presentation, I’ll share some techniques for ensuring your application data remains type-safe from your API down.

Speaker: Nick Fisher, Tech Lead Web Platform at SoundCloud

Bio: Nick is the web tech lead at SoundCloud, where he works with a team of devs building and maintaining large JavaScript applications, since 2011. His credentials include some university degrees, but the highlight of his academic career was failing a subject titled "Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll".