Moving away from Monolith Codebases @ SoundCloud

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SC tech meetup session on Moving away from Monolith Codebases

First Talk: Extracting services from a monolith

Synopsis: Are microservices just another buzzword? Are monoliths a thing of the past? Does it make sense to change the architecture of a successful product? In this talk I will share my experience extracting microservices from a monolithic application, so you can decide whether they are a good fit for your product and team or not.

Speaker: Jano González, Backend Engineer at SoundCloud

Bio: Jano has worked for the last three and a half years extracting services from the original SoundCloud monolith and also ensuring that it still works smoothly.


Second Talk: Extracting Datasets from a Monolith

Synopsis: After we moved features out of the monolithic app that ran most of SoundCloud, we realised that we had many of the same problems with how we manage data. Poorly understood ownership of datasets is at the root of many difficulties we’ve in continuing to scale SoundCloud, especially with the growth of features that rely on quality data. In this talk we’ll discuss ways of reasoning about who should own datasets, and patterns of data integrations between teams.

Speaker: Joe Kearney, Tech Lead Data Platform at SoundCloud

Bio: Joe is the tech lead for the data infrastructure and tooling group at SoundCloud, working on how we manage and think about data across the company. He moved to Berlin and SoundCloud two years ago from the UK for the challenges that come with large scale distributed systems, but he’s still far more fluent in SQL than in German.