Design: soulful systems and interview extremes

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Two designers from very different fields share their learnings on UI systems and user research methods.

First Talk: How to not lose your mind while seeking your SOUL

Synopsis: UI Systems are a hot topic these days. There are many different ways to identify and solve for that need. This talk will focus on SoundCloud's currently developed design language called SOUL. Sarah will share last years troubles and findings from the design perspective.

Speaker: Sarah Kranz

Bio: After being a horse trainer, Sarah swapped the pitchfork with the mouse and studied graphic design in Hamburg. In her + five years at SoundCloud, she moved from visual to product design and is now leading UI Design.

Second Talk: Safe words: user interviews at a sex toy company

Synopsis: Conducting interviews with your users allows their feedback to be part of your product development process. But interviews are much more complicated than just conversations, especially when you’re researching topics as sensitive as sex. Jon Derman Harris, a Product Designer at Amorelie, will present what he's learned about user interview methods as a design researcher in a taboo industry. The presentation is SFW.

Speaker: Jon Derman Harris

Bio: Jon Derman Harris is a user researcher and industrial designer at Amorelie, an online shop for all things love, sex, and relationships. There he conducts interviews with users of all ages, genders, and sexualities, and develops new products to fit their needs. He studied Product Design at Stanford.