KNIME User Meetup on Big Data and Machine Learning

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Come to Stuttgart for an evening on Big Data and Machine Learning!
Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence has a wide variety of exciting applications. Come explore these applications and collectively improve and grow with KNIME and like-minded people. Join us for this unique meetup in the picturesque atmosphere of one of the most beautiful wine cellars in Stuttgart.

Thomas Gabriel will provide a KNIME Software Update - including a glimpse at what is new in the most recent 3.5.2 release of KNIME Analytics Platform and KNIME Server.

The next talk, "Smart Data Collaboration Hub“, by Kilian Retter of Landesbank Baden-Württemberg, presents the scalable Big Data Infrastructure of LBBW, which is fully built upon open source technologies – Cassandra, Spark, and KNIME. The talk also dives into different machine learning use cases that have been deployed on the Smart Data Collaboration Hub.

Taming and analyzing always-on data streams within an Industry 4.0 smart factory setup will play a crucial role in boosting overall equipment effectiveness. “Smart Industry 4.0” by Michael Wojtas of Leadec Industrial Services will give an overview how Leadec addresses Predictive Maintenance in modern production environments.

The final talk on "Anomaly Detection in Time Series“, by Stefan Weingaertner of DATATRONiQ, displays the variety of anomaly detection challenges, depending on the structure and characteristic of the underlying data or sensor source – ranging from low-frequency to high-frequency signals.

The meetup closes with a networking session and a tasting of local wines of Collegium Wirtemberg.

• 17.30: Registration
• 18.00: Welcome and Introductions (Stefan Weingaertner, DATATRONiQ)
• 18.05: What’s new in KNIME Analytics Platform 3.5 and KNIME Server (Thomas Gabriel, KNIME)
• 18.30: Smart Data Collaboration Hub (Kilian Retter, Landesbank Baden-Württemberg)
• 19.10: Smart Industry 4.0 – Predictive Maintenance (Michael Wojtas, Leadec Industrial Services)
• 19.50: Anomaly Detection in Time Series (Stefan Weingaertner, DATATRONiQ GmbH)
• 20.20: Networking & tasting of regional wines

All talks will be in German – the slides are in English!