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Want to keep in touch with the most interesting work in classic and contemporary genre fiction? Want to read and discuss books (and other genre media) with other speculative fiction fans? Then this is the group for you!
The Speculative Fiction Meetup is a monthly Meet-Up where we get together and discuss all sorts of outstanding fiction that tingles the imagination, ranging all the way from Margaret Atwood’s dystopian writing through childhood fears poetically surfaced by Neil Gaiman to Naomi Novik’s pure and exhilarating escapist entertainment. We will pay recent Hugo, Nebula and Stoker award winners as much respect as the random cult classic.
The aim is provide a friendly, comfortable atmosphere where popular fiction fans can hang out, meet fellow devotees, and share their love of imaginative storytelling.
Genre fiction is best shared in good company. If you love books and have a big imagination, come check us out!

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