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Hi, I'm Reena, a self-confessed foodie, and founder of Spice Lounge Supper Club, Zurich's first Supper Club for fine spicy cuisine.

I grew up in India where I learnt to cook a great variety of Indian regional food. I've also had the pleasure of preparing and enjoying popular spicy cuisines of the world from travel and living in the culinary melting pot of London for over 7 years :-)

I've lived in Zurich for many years and love it here, it's a wonderful place with little to complain about. However, as a lover of spicy food, eating out in Zurich has left me a little disappointed. This encouraged me to start Spice Lounge Supper Club. Naturally, Indian regional cuisine features heavily but I also love preparing authentic spice rich cuisines from many other countries.

Spice Lounge is first and foremost about authentic and delicious spicy food, but is also a great opportunity to meet new people in a small group for quality conversation while enjoying great food.

If you enjoy authentic spicy food, you should join Spice Lounge Supper Club !

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