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Training as Dark Retreat Supervisor: Starting from August 2016
Hello And Namasté! We get an increasing number of requests for the dark retreats in our Shakti Center, and we may accompany more and more searchers on their ways. It is simply wonderful to see every single one of them achieving their transformation, and supporting them in this. Since we shall now enlarge our activities in the new Retreat House, we want to offer more options to the dark retreat applicants, among this further well-trained supervisors. Thus, we are looking for interested participants, starting from August 2016, for our Training as Dark Retreat Supervisor Especially for those who already work in a therapeutic profession the training as dark retreat supervisor is a completely new experience complementing their existing world views profoundly. In future, the participants of the training course will have the opportunity to work with us at the center, but also to conduct dark retreats independently elsewhere, with a recommendation on our website. A requirement for this is the completed training with the certificate issued by us. The training consists of three phases: Phase 1: Acquisition of important basic knowledge and personal retreat experience Phase 2: Gaining experience in client counseling, deepening of existing knowledge Phase 3: Intensive self reflection and acquisition of well-founded knowledge about energetic healing processes If you click on the links above you receive more in-depth information. Training “Dark(ness) Retreat Guide” It is the goal of the “Dark(ness) Retreat” training program to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to guide/assist “Dark(ness) Retreats” independently according to the highest quality standards. Our special focus is in providing the psychological foundation as well as profound spiritual knowledge and techniques. Do you wish to pursue this profoundly enlightening way? We place great importance upon accepting only participants who have already reached a sufficient level of self-awareness and follow a healthy diet. During the highly sensitive phase of the dark retreat guests are supervised around the clock, and issues may come into focus that must be treated with extreme care and competence. For acceptance to the training as dark retreat supervisor we ask you kindly to send your application in writing, email is welcome to: [masked] We are looking forward to the first training group, starting in summer 2016! All the best Bharati and Martin Contact: Tel.: +49 [masked] Email: [masked]

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    Ganzheitliche Heilung für Körper, Geist und Seele.

    Nach über 15 Jahren Energiearbeit, Ausbildungen und Bewusstseinserfahrungen gebe ich mein umfangreiches Wissen in Vorträgen, Seminaren, auf spirituellen Reisen und in persönlichen spirituellen Heilungen weiter.

    Ich bin Beraterin und Trainerin in Energiearbeit und Ernährung. Meine Schwerpunkte in der Energiearbeit sind Aurasehen und Auraheilung, insbesondere aber Astralreisen (AKE/OBE), luzide Träume (Wachträume) und Dunkelretreats.

    Ich bin ausgebildete Reiki-Lehrerin und habe während meiner langjährigen Indien-Aufenthalte auch indische Heiltechniken erlernt.

    Ich organisiere außerdem regelmäßig spirituelle Kraftreisen nach Indien und Rohkost Seminare.

    Weitere Themen sind: Bachblütentherapie und Familienaufstellungen nach Hellinger, verschiedene Meditationstechniken, vedisches Wissen und Vaastu (indische Form von Feng-Shui).

    Diese Gruppe richtet sich an alle, die sich angesprochen fühlen und an Energiearbeit, Bewusstseinserfahrungen und einer ganzheitlichen Heilung für Körper, Geist und Seele interessiert sind.

    Du kannst in dieser Gruppe gerne nach Fernheilung fragen und auch Treffen vorschlagen.

    Du wirst von mir regelmäßig über anstehende Events, Seminare und Vorträge informiert werden.

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