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Learning by Doing: Hands-on Bayesian Data Analysis session

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This will be a special event! We will have a hands-on session, kick-started by lightning talks!

There will be a common dataset / challenge and we break out into small groups tackling the challenge with different tools and approaches! We want to kick-start the meetup with lightning talks, and your contribution is highly welcome! Tell us about your favourite package, tool, model etc... Join the Slack channel to discuss more!

We are going to start 18:00, but don't worry you can join us later, too.

To help you with your first steps/preparation (e.g. learn about dataset we'll use or how to install rstan, rstanarm, brms or PyMC3) we prepared the following intro page for you:


Please make sure that you install your Bayesian framework of choice before the meetup, because of low internet/wifi speed at the venue!

If you have any problems or questions, you can also contact us on our slack:

Lightning talks:

We'll have lightning talks (max 5 minutes) to kick-start the meetup.

We look forward to see you on Wednesday.