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As you already might know, profound articles of association are a core pillar when founding together with others. Even if the founders have no disagreements, several topics should be taken into account.

This group is hosted and sponsored by Q-Found, a law firm based in Berlin. Q-Found is dedicated to simplifying the process of founding a limited company such as a “GmbH” or “UG” in Germany.

The „Q“ in Q-Found stands for questions, quality and quickness. In this group, we want to celebrate the power of questions. We want to learn more about you and why you want to start your own limited company. On the other hand, you can ask us all of your legal questions related to the procedure of establishing a limited company.

Do you have suggestions for a topic for our next meet-up? Please don’t hesitate to come forward. It’s more fun for the Q-Found lawyers to answer your questions instead of giving presentations assuming that you might be interested in the topic.

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