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This Group is for all those of us who are feeling the need to bring something new into this world - maybe you are running already a start-up, maybe you are having a great idea and don´t know what to do next or you are just curious:

Let´s get together, let´s talk, let´s connect, let´s coach and consult each other, let´s plan, let´s be sustainable, let´s learn, let’s ask, let's listen, let’s invest, let´s meet & find your future co-founder, let’s live the european idea - let´s bring new and better things into the world.
Or maybe something that we all need fewer things in the future.

Ultimately making the world a better place. It starts here with you.

GOOE is the perfect starting point for all that, for all of you between Groningen, Ostfriesland, Oldenburg and the Emsland.

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Diese Gruppe ist für all diejenigen von uns, die das Bedürfnis verspüren, etwas Neues in diese Welt zu bringen - vielleicht hast du schon ein Start-up, oder du hast diese eine tolle Idee und weißt nicht, was du als erstes tun könntest, vielleicht bist du einfach neugierig:

Wir kommen zusammen um zu reden, um uns gegenseitig zu coachen, wir wollen Pläne machen und sie umsetzten, wir wollen Nachhaltigkeit möglich machen, wir wollen Fragen stellen, wir wollen zuhören, wir wollen investieren, wir wollen dich unterstützen deine Mitgründer zu finden, wir wollen die europäische Idee leben, wir wollen bessere Dinge erschaffen. Oder vielleicht etwas, damit wir in Zukunft weniger Dinge benötigen.

Letztendlich, um die Welt zu einem besseren Ort zu machen. Es beginnt hier bei dir.

GOOE ist der perfekte Ausgangspunkt für all das, für euch alle zwischen Groningen, Ostfriesland, Oldenburg und dem Emsland.

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Situation normal, everything must change: Mr. Simon Wardley maps our future!

Thought Lord, Mapper, Junior DevOpper, Destroyer of undeserved value. Lawful Evil. Better known as "The inventor and name giver of Wardley Mapping" will join us tonight from the UK at our second #onlife GOOE.EU #humanar. Feel like pitching your Idea or startup? You will get your two minutes! Just you or your team and the idea. Nothing more. Contact us. We'll support you and we'll work on realizing some dreams too! Simon has expressed his desire to be with us during the event and is looking forward to your pitch, your story! That´s a chance only once in a lifetime. And yes, everyone on this evening can become an investor - knowledge, passion, network or money - invest direct in people and their ideas! Wardley Mapping is one of the manners of using drawings and sketches to quickly establish (a map of your business) environment, create strategies, and unleash not so clear potential. And not just your business can be subjected to this way of acting. Tonight's presentation will be held under the flag of "Situation Normal, Everything Must Change!" There are zillions of resources on google, duckduckgo and youtube so you can take your pick. "Simon Wardley" , "Wardley maps". Sketch of the program tonight (is subject to modification): 18:30 we'll open up the digital doors 19:00 (sharp) we'll start with an introduction followed by a 45 minute presentation. There'll be a short break for getting coffee 20:10 (again: sharp!) PITCHES! Please mail us or use the comments to secure one of the 4 spots. And yes, we're working on lining up investors and angels. Then, depending on the number of piches, but not later than 20:30We'll have a Q&A with Simon and the GOOE team As usual, we'll mingle and network till the room is empty or the clock went beyond 21:00! One more thing: Please invite everyone you think who should experience this onlife humanar and forward the link to the event: http://meetu.ps/e/JjgYq/v1tq6/a Thank you.

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Forever employable: An evening with Jeff Gothelf.


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