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This Group is for all those of us who are feeling the need to bring something new into this world - maybe you are running already a start-up, maybe you are having a great idea and don´t know what to do next or you are just curious:

Let´s get together, let´s talk, let´s connect, let´s coach and consult each other, let´s plan, let´s be sustainable, let´s learn, let’s ask, let's listen, let’s invest, let´s meet & find your future co-founder, let’s live the european idea - let´s bring new and better things into the world. Or maybe something that we all need fewer things in the future.

Ultimately making the world a better place. It starts here with you.

GOOE is the perfect starting point for all that, for all of you between Groningen, Ostfriesland, Oldenburg and the Emsland.

This Group is a Deuglish Group.

When the Event Descriptions are in German the Event is in German when the Event Description is in English the Event is in English. What Language we choose depends on Speakers, Topics and who from you appear to the meetup. In any case, we will translate and help you to understand and have a great evening with us.

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A Social MVP Pitch Night

Technology and Entrepreneur Center Oldenburg

Ein Abend über künstliche Intelligenz & Startups
Vom agilen Arbeiten und Unternehmertum

Emder Gründungszentrum

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