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This is a network of German startups, young companies and mature ones. Purpose of this group is to help others with own experieces to avoid doing same mistakes and optimise business model.

--Following part is community efforts.

Hello Startup dreamers, you found the right group.

Focus area will be a journey from an idea to funding.

This group suitable for

* Creative people who have an idea and want to convert it to a company.

* New entrepreneurs who are struggling with running a company

* Who has a job and want to try some ideas without taking much risk.

* Who are looking for co-founders or employees.

* Who wants to work in startups.

* Looking for investment for an idea.

Conversion of an idea in a successful company has many steps like market analysis, business analysis, requirements gathering, determination of scope, financial planning, finding right people, creating a working prototype, making long-term plans and finally get funding. I shall assist you in that journey.

Often people do not have all skills required start own company. In that case, this group is helpful. Members can message me their skill deficiencies and depend on messages, I shall organize meetings. Typical topics are listed below. You may add more.

* Company foundation process

* Accounting practices

* Marketing analysis

* Product design, USP determination

* Prototype building

* Running company

* Repeating innovation cycle.

* Pitches

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Dieser Inhalt ist nur für Mitglieder verfügbar