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StartupBlink Monthly Networking Event
Hello, Munchen entrepreneurs! It is time again for our monthly networking event happening in dozens of cities around the world (http://www.startupblink.com/blog/global-startup-ecosystem-meetup-groups/) in the same day! We will see, how many members will join us. If the crowd gets big enough, we can reserve a separate room to do presentations and pitches. Who is interested in performing a pitch and to be challenged by the others, feel free to send a PM to your host Martin. Sponsors (for a welcome drink or others) will get a possibility to present their business (e.g. 10 Minutes Presentation) and to get in touch with our innovative members. For any event proposals to improve our Meetup, PM to host Martin. This is our location, it´s not a bug in meetup ;-) https://www.sueddeutsche.de/muenchen/cafe-page-not-found-am-gaertnerplatz-gibt-es-wieder-subkultur-1.3770036 The agenda of the event is simple: connect to other entrepreneurs and help your project grow by knowing the active people in your startup ecosystem. This is an unofficial and relaxed networking event for people looking for ideas, co-founders, team members, investors, suppliers, and clients. Our events are usually joined by 2 - 15 members, each participant will get a chance to introduce themselves and their project to the other attendees. Special request from us, please don't forget to add your Project on http://www.startupblink.com (http://www.startupblink.com/) and join the discussion about the Germany Startup ecosystem in our Facebook group as well! https://www.facebook.com/groups/208834893030646/ And if you’re a part of a Hardware Startup, consider joining our specialized group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1682306738742144/

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Why should you join the StartupBlink Networking Meetup?

Do you want to meet like-minded entrepreneurs? Grow your business faster? Find co-founders or partners?

This meetup facilitates casual networking events that will allow you to make the valuable contacts necessary to grow your startup.

Our Monthly Networking Meetups are organized in dozens of cities around the world, either by volunteers or exclusive Community Leaders (http://startupservices.startupblink.com/com... (http://startupservices.startupblink.com/communityleaders/)) in each city.

Other than our monthly Networking events, we also feature events offered by the community (that’s you!).

Another great way for you to network and expand your business connections is to join a coworking space! Members of the group are eligible for up to 15% discount from our partners at WeWork, the world’s leading coworking network! https://wework.startupblink.com/

What is StartupBlink?

StartupBlink is an interactive global startup ecosystem map and research center featuring tens of thousands of listed startups, coworking spaces, and accelerators. Add yours as well to Munchen Startup Map - https://www.startupblink.com/munich-startup... (https://www.startupblink.com/munich-startups)

Who organizes the events?

The events are organized by the members of the group. If you like, you can choose the location and take charge of our next monthly networking event (just send us a message). You may also become our exclusive Munchen Community Leader (http://startupservices.startupblink.com/com... (http://startupservices.startupblink.com/communityleaders/)).

Looking for a coworking space in Munchen? Check out all the options along with prices, photos, member reviews and more on Coworker.com https://www.coworker.com/germany/munich

Our project is a partner of ANSYS Startup Program ( https://ansys.startupblink.com/ ) which supplies innovative discounted simulation products for early stage Startups building virtual prototypes of new products.

All meetups are hosted in accordance with the terms of use posted on https://www.startupblink.com/blog/terms-conditions/

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