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Welcome to StartupBonn (, your local international startup community!

Whether you want to bring your idea to life, find a working space or accelerate your business growth, being part of the StartupBonn community provides access to resources, information exchange, mentoring, coaching, "how-not-to-do-it" tips, and most importantly, offers the best platform to learn, grow, and genuinely connect with other entrepreneurs.

It is well known that entrepreneurs thrive in engaged, collaborative, and diverse communities and having a supportive environment is key to their development and eventual success. For international entrepreneurs, starting a business in Germany is not always a smooth process. In fact, it can sometimes evolve in a nerve-wrecking experience. Immigration policy and institutional hurdles, coupled with the language barrier and a lot of bureaucracy, is hardly the easiest scenario for anybody to jump-start their business.

In these cases, getting the support of the community might be the only way forward. It can be a solution to a problem, a helpful advice, an encouragement to not give up or just a hug, it nurtures the energy to keep on going. On the other hand, isn't it more exciting to be engaged in a community and share the good news, too? Sharing your experience, teaching others how it can be done and giving back, can be the fuel and motivation you need to jump the inevitable upcoming hurdles on your way. A community cannot be built from outside. It needs to build itself, from within, and it's up to the entrepreneurs to take the lead and create a startup community culture they resonate with. So be courageous, give us a shout, grab a coffee with us and engage in growing this community to a few thousands of connected people!

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