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Bloggers, Video Creators, Live Streamers, Techies and General Creatives
Influencers and content creators connect, collaborate and learn! We'll meet on Polyterasse behind ETH, grab a drink, talk, network etc. Short talks/presentations by members to showcase their work/projects are also encouraged :)


Leonhardstrasse 36 · Zürich

Worum es bei uns geht

Do you have a life story to share? What do you love? Steemit (https://steemit.com) is a new social network and blogging, video (d.tube) and live streaming ( https://dlive.io ) platform that rewards you for sharing your life and your passions. It's a New Internet where you get paid for the unique content you create.

Come join us to find out more about Steemit. Our group is a way for existing Steemit members to connect, collaborate and learn as well as welcome new members and grow the community.

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