Workshop: Create your own Stellar Token (Crypto-Asset)

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The workshop was postboned to the 30th of April due to not enough participants. We hope this date is also ok for you.
Hi everybody, if you ever wanted to create your own crypto token this is the right workshop for you.

As we started the Stellar Meetups in Munich we identified different topics on Stellar. One was related to ICOs, in specific "how to create your own token".

The workshop will cover the following topics:

- Basic Understanding of the Stellar Network (decentralized crypto network)
- Explaining public and secret keys
- Create your own accounts on the Stellar "Testnet" and "Publicnet"
- Send and receive tokens using a wallet
- Create your own token with your selected name

The workshop is addressed to

- crypto beginners
- business people with interest in the crypto world
- everyone who is interested in blockchain technology

Please bring your own laptop to participate in the workshop activities.

Peter and myself (Hans) will moderate the workshop. We are looking forward to meet you :-)

PS: we are currently looking for a room to host the workshop, if anybody can help here, let us know