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Story Nations Event - Tell Me Your Story

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Stories are often shaped by its characters, personality and emotions. In movies characters from a script are casted with actors and in the gaming industry, an occupation by actors is no longer unusual. For audiobooks, we are only accompanied by voices and here the voice actor must describe emotions, events, facial expressions and actions only with his/her voice.


This leads us to the first part of our event: How do we bring stories to life just by using our voice? What is particularly difficult and what are the challenges and differences across industries?

We are proud to have Andreas Fröhlich and Dietmar Wunder as guests with us on the upcoming event:

ANDREAS FRÖHLICH is a German reciter, voice actor and off-speaker. He was best known for his role as the third detective "Bob Andrews" in the European radio drama series "Die Drei ???".

DIETMAR WUNDER is a German actor, voice actor, radio play speaker and dubbing director. He is best known as the German voice of Adam Sandler, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Daniel Craig (since "Casino Royale" in 2006).


Our third guest is also part of our second topic:

Please welcome MARKUS HEITZ, German fantasy, horror and science fiction author with around 8 million books sold worldwide. He had his breakthrough with the novel "The Dwarves". Since then he works as a freelance author. In a free talk Markus will let us know about his career, his experiences and above all his works. We will certainly gain some awareness about challenges and experiences on his way and perhaps he'll give us one or two tips on the fly.


We regularly share some details about our guests, as well as further information on Facebook. Join us and stay tuned for more >

Please be aware that both film and photo shootings will be made during the event. These recordings/photos will be used publicly in hindsight.