Worum es bei uns geht

Hi dear fellow Berliners,

I wanted to found such a meetup because recently two friends of mine are experiencing rental related legal problems. I came to realize how minimum education I had about German laws and regulations that would directly impact my and my friends' lives. Hence I had the idea we should meet and form a study group to share about the legal issues we have encountered, try to compile relevant knowledge or answers by either reading the law ourselves or having legal experts explaining us.

I am thinking to organize it into several sessions with each one focusing on one aspect of our lives, things that come to my mind include:
1. Work related German laws and regulations
2. Rent related German laws and regulations
3. Opening a business, ie. self-employment related German laws and regulations

Prior to the sessions it would be good if you can send me the issues you met or relevant things you'd be interested to know, so we can tailor it better and then let's get us well-equipped together!

Excited and looking forward to meeting you,

P.S. since this group is newly founded, let's organize our first event when we have 5 members.

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