Apache Kafka meets Camunda - Data Streams and Workflows


We invite you to a meetup special joining forces between the Apache Kafka and Camunda Community in Stuttgart. (Please note: event appears in both meetup groups.)

You may ask yourself, how does that fit together?

Today we will explore how the worlds and concepts of streaming data and event-driven architectures come together with workflow-based microservices orchestration.

Special Guest tonight: Bernd Rücker, Co-Founder and Chief Technologist of Camunda

We invite you for sandwiches and drinks. After the talks we would like to deepen the discussions about the things heard tonight. Share your experiences and create new ideas for your projects and products.

“Streaming Data – A mind change”

The first talk tonight will introduce you to the world of streaming data with Apache Kafka. Lars Dülfer, Distinguished Software Engineer at Novatec Consulting GmbH, will explain in his talk the mind change once you start thinking of your data as a constant and accessible stream of events rather than as records in a data store. He will show you what changes if every event and state change of your data in one microservice or application is made available to others in your application landscape. Based on experiences made with a current product development Lars will show you a set of use cases and how they were realized using data streams representing immutable event-logs.

About Lars: Lars works as a Distinguished Software Engineer for Novatec Consulting GmbH. Beforehand he worked in-house in the Logistics industry as well as for IT consultancies in Germany and abroad mainly supporting customers in the insurance and financial services industry. Software architectures and the challenges to create those in an agile context and collaborative way are his professional passion. For him, finding the most appropriate solution is always driven by the problem at hand.

“Monitoring and Orchestration of Your Microservices with Kafka and Zeebe”

For the second talk we welcome Bernd Rücker, Co-Founder and Chief Technologist of Camunda. He will demonstrate an approach based on real-life projects using the open-source workflow engine zeebe.io to orchestrate microservices. Zeebe can connect to Kafka to coordinate workflows that span many microservices, providing end-to-end process visibility without violating the principles of loose coupling and service independence. Once an orchestration flow starts, Zeebe ensures that it is eventually carried out, retrying steps upon failure. In a Kafka architecture, Zeebe can easily produce events (or commands) and subscribe to events that will be correlated to workflows. Along the way, Zeebe facilitates monitoring and visibility into the progress and status of orchestration flows. Internally, Zeebe works as a distributed, event-driven and event-sourced system, making it not only very fast but horizontally scalable and fault-tolerant and able to handle the throughput required to operate alongside Kafka in a microservices architecture. Expect not only slides but also fun little live-hacking sessions and real-life stories.

About Bernd: “I have been the in the software development field for more than 15 years, automating highly scalable workflows at global companies including T-Mobile, Lufthansa and Zalando and contributing to various open source workflow engines. I’m Co-Founder and Chief Technologist of Camunda – an open source software company reinventing workflow automation. Along with my Co-Founder, I wrote "Real-Life BPMN," a popular book about workflow modeling and automation. I regularly speak at international conferences and write for various magazines, focusing on new workflow automation paradigms that fit into modern architectures around distributed systems, microservices, domain-driven design, event-driven architecture and reactive systems.”