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Über uns

Welcome to the Design Sprint & Web3 Group Stuttgart,
we build community around Design Sprint, Human Centered Design and explore Web3 to shape its future as Design professionals

We love designing, and we love solving big problems. \

That's why we are passionate about Design Sprints. \

Want to know what a Design Sprint is? We'll show you. \

We want to connect with innovative thinkers to talk, debate, drink, spread the Design Sprint Method and create the community here. The events will take place at our inspiring office in Affalterbach (in the neighbourhood of AMG)! \

The meetup language is German (altern. English).
Quick Design Sprint Explanation: Developed by the Google Venture guys, Design Sprints are a process which allows a client, entrepreneur or team to go from problem to product in just 5 days. \

In our case, we apply the 4-day sprint developed by AJ&Smart and Jake Knapp, the Design Sprint inventor. \

We've learned the method from the AJ&Smart team and want to share our experiences with all of you!
You want to be that smart as teams of Google, Slack, Lego, Netflix and Airbnb? Then join our meetup and take part in our community.
Want to get inspired before? Check out the sprint stories (https://sprintstories.com/) curated by Jake Knapp. \

Want to learn more from our team? Check out www.designsprintstudio.com.