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Sughar Empowerment Society is a non-profit organization based in the United States aiming to provide socio-economic empowerment to tribal women of Balochistan and Sindh, Pakistan, by developing their skills and providing them with income-generating and learning opportunities to enable them a leadership role in not only their households but in the society eventually help lower the rate of violence against women honor killings and gender discrimination. The word "Sughar" in local language means skilled and confident woman. It is kind of label used for a rare number of women in Pakistan, however, we at Sughar believe that it should be used for every single woman around the country because all of them are skilled and confident, they only need opportunities to unleash that talent within. I am a proud volunteer, a woman myself and especially a woman from an oppressive society who always had a remarkable support from her parents and family which made her stronger ever since she was an ambitious little girl, who could stand on her feet and wish to empower other fellow women to be aware of their basic human rights such as educational and vocational skills. I wish to tell their stories in my own words over a cup of tea, or a presentation or an evening chitchat. Everyone is invited who cares and want to know more about the project and help even just by spreading a word around. Let's get together and create a society where women are not killed for honor but are honored and given equal status! Looking forwards to seeing you all soon!

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