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The Sunnyvale Photographic Club is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide amateur and professional photographers with educational and social opportunities that increase the enjoyment of photography.

Check out our website: http://www.sunnyvalephoto.com

To join: from our home page, go to Organization - Membership Information.

• Who should join?

Everyone interested in photography should join the club.

Travel, nature, monochrome, portrait, photojournalism, creative, landscape etc. - all types of photography are discussed in the club.

The club is open to all photographer levels, from beginner to professional.

• Why you should join?

Joining the club is a great opportunity to learn more about photography: how to take better pictures and how to better process them.

Members share tips, teachers share their experience, all in a friendly ambiance. You can learn in a friendly atmosphere, challenge yourself, and compete with others.

• What you will do in the club?

You will attend presentations on a variety of different photography topics. The presentations are given by professional or semi-professional photographers, and are open to both members and visitors.

As a member, you will be able to participate in competitions (digital or print photography) against other club members and win prizes. The competitions are judged by professional or semi-professional photographers of the Bay Area.

You will participate in peer image reviews and social get togethers where you can share your experience and learn from other club members.

You will have the opportunity to display pictures at the Sunnyvale library and other venues.

• To join:

Go to http://www.sunnyvalephoto.com and select Organization - Membership Information.

Bevorstehende Events (3)

Class: Night and Astro Photography

Murphy Park Rec. Bldg

Learn how to make photographs in low light including photographing the stars. Instructor: David Newswanger Free

Class: Landscape Photography

Murphy Park Rec. Bldg

Learn how to shoot landscapes Instructor: Aman Vora Free

Class: Lighting

Murphy Park Rec. Bldg

Learn natural lighting basics and how to use artificial light. Instructor: Meghan MacAskill Free

Vergangene Events (137)

Class: How to print and mount your photos

Murphy Park Rec. Bldg

Fotos (33)