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Monthly, informal networking and exchange of entrepreneurs and like-minded people that want to shape the economy in a social and ecological way.
Inbetween the events this group (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13768828/) allows to connect digitally. All documents created in and for the Meetup are published in the group.

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Smart Reduction of Parking Spaces


Megatrends such as shared mobility are influencing our mobility behaviour and thus the demand of privatly owned cars. In this session the mobility consultant Nina Schweizer will talk about the influence and challenges of these trends by means of parking spaces. How will the city look like when more and more parking spaces are gone? How will this space be used? Who is thriving and who is stopping this development?

Increasing resource efficiency in companies

This time we are joined by Dr. Sandra Müller, a lecturer and research associate at the Institute for Ecopreneurship at FHNW and conducting Reffnet cases. She will talk about the collaborative development of measures to increase resource efficiency in companies and will show how such a project can be initiated in our businesses. The Swiss Resource Efficiency Network (Reffnet) is an association supported by the Swiss Confederation. It aims to reduce the environmental impact of Swiss companies. Therefore experts from Reffnet collaborate with businesses to develop tailor-made solutions that promote resource efficiency. https://www.reffnet.ch/

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