Shedding light on the «sustainable finance jungle»

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Shedding light on the «sustainable finance jungle» - How to get started and what can be achieved:

The possibilities for sustainable investing are increasing and gaining more and more traction. What opportunities does this create for individual investors? And what impact do such investments have in the end?

We will address these questions in our next meetup: Mindful Money, an independent information platform for sustainable investing, will talk about its activities in facilitating access to sustainable investing for individuals by providing them knowledge and specific tools to do so. We will learn what options there are and how they can be distinguished and weighed against each other. responsAbility, a leading impact asset manager focusing on emerging economies, will illustrate how you can invest to create impact while at the same time achieving market-based returns. To do this, they will take you on a journey to Varanasi, home of Indian microfinance bank Utkarsh that caters to the poorest of the poor. You will gain insight into how microfinance works on the ground and what it takes to make it a good investment.

As always, the inputs are followed by Q&A with the audience and an apéro, leaving plenty of time for discussions. We are inviting all those interested in these questions to join us in the meetup. It will be a great opportunity to learn more about the opportunities individual investors face and to learn more about the processes behind allocating responsible investment.

~~ The number of participants is limited and you will only be able to attend if you are on the guest list. If you can no longer make it, please free up your spot. ~~