Sustainable finance - a unique selling proposition for Swiss banks?


Switzerland has a long tradition in sustainable finance and is considered a pioneer in this field. However, we are seeing that sustainable finance and investing is on the rise and globally becoming mainstream. How can the Swiss financial centre strengthen its own position in this field and make it its unique selling proposition?

The financial sector is increasingly recognised as an important actor in the context of climate change, and its credit and investment decisions are closely linked to the climate finance agenda. The Swiss financial industry is an important key player in this regard, as it is one of the strongest and positions Switzerland at the perfect starting point to become a global leader in sustainable finance. But what exactly does this mean for banks and banking? What opportunities and challenges do they face?

We will discuss this at our next Meetup with the Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank (BLKB), which has set itself the goal of comprehensively integrating sustainability into its business model. We will learn how the BLKB wants to achieve becoming a leading bank in sustainability, what opportunities it understands from doing so and what challenges it experiences in this process.

After the input, there will be time for a critical discussion and Q&A, moderated by Fabian Steiner from the Sustainable FinTech team. As always, an apéro will be served, leaving plenty of time for discussions.