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Swift Meetup Munich XIV
Let's do some Swift - in N(M)ovember! As our last edition was really a bit "jinxed" - it was the 13th edition :D - we will make up for the dropped out talk big time! We have the honour to be hosted by our dear long term friends Netlight in their old town Lehel offices. They even have a horse and a kicker there - so brace yourself.... and yes, a horse! The agenda is just preliminary - but the missed talk from Christoph will definitely be on it. __Agenda__ let tbd = "¯\_(ツ)_/¯" let you : String? = "your name goes here!" 18:30 - Doors open We will open the doors for delicious snacks & beer to have something to hold on to while talking and chatting. Get enthusiastic for the first talk! :) 19:00 - Session I let title = "Data persistence? A piece of cake - with Realm!" let abstract = "Realm is a performant, easy to use and open source technology for database persistence and cross-platform synchronization. It helps you perform basic CRUD operations and complex queries in no time, provides offline-first functionality to your apps and let's you sync data to other platforms using Realm Platform. In this talk we will learn how to setup a Realm database in your app, persist data to make it available offline and synchronize it to other platforms." let author = ("Christoph Herrmann", "Managing Ruler of Syncing Kingdoms", "Netlight Consulting GmbH") 19:45 - Session II let title = tbd let abstract = tbd let author = you! !! Call to action !! If anybody of you has a topic they is enthusiastic and passionate about, just drop us a note. We are always looking for new speakers :) And to all newbie speakers: Just give it a try, accept the challenge - we don't bite and you'll be super proud of yourself afterwards ;)

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    As Swift programmers from the first hour (professionally and personally) we love to talk and discuss about good practices in Swift and general iOS development. We are especially interested in topics that help us be more productive in our day-to-day development work and help us writing cleaner, more maintainable code. The group is open to all experience levels, from beginner to expert programmer!

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