Swift Meetup Munich #20

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Hola Swifteristas!

We have to say goodbye to Summer for this year but the Swift Meetup will meet again 😍 at our friends at it-economics.
Thanks so much already in advance to host our wonderful gathering!

The final agenda will be published in the upcoming days but as (hopefully) always it will contain something interesting for you.


let tbd = "¯\_(ツ)_/¯"
let you : String? = "your name goes here!"

18:30 - 🚪 Doors open
We will open the doors for delicious snacks & beer to have something to hold on to while talking and chatting. Get enthusiastic for the first talk! :)

19:15 - 🕖 Session I
let title = "A Foray into Shortcuts on iOS"
let abstract = "A Foray into Shortcuts on iOS
von mir (Benno Kress)
Apple’s Shortcuts App is the closest we have come to real automation on iOS. In this talk we remember the evolution of the app, how it works, a few tips and tricks for building shortcuts and finally some examples of shortcuts, that can be used regularly."
let author = ("Benno Kress", "Principle Shortcut Tamer", "it-economics GmbH")

19:40 - 🕢 Session II
let title = "SwiftUI + Combine in RMVVM Practices"
let abstract = "SwiftUI is a very innovative and relatively simple way to build user interfaces across all Apple devices with pure Swift. For us developers it’s one more choice to build our UI besides UIKit and storyboards.
Combine is a reactive programming framework. It provides a declarative Swift API for processing values over time.
With these two new SDK frameworks, how could we use them to develop modern apps?"
let author = ("Chin Yiu Chau", "Lead of Combine Practices", "it-economics GmbH")

20:10 - 🕗 Session III
let title = "Swift 5...5.2"
let abstract = "We go on safari and take a quick look at all the cool new stuff we get in the current versions of our favorite programming language."
let author = ("Patrick Gaißert", "Director Swifty Lifecycle", "MaibornWolff")

⚠️ Call to action ⚠️
If anybody of you has a topic they is enthusiastic and passionate about, just drop us a note. We are always looking for new speakers.
And to all newbie speakers: Just give it a try, accept the challenge - we don't bite and you'll be super proud of yourself afterwards!

*and yes, we detected that emojis are rendered in the otherwise plain text view here 🤓