Swift Meetup Munich #21

Swift Meetup Munich
Swift Meetup Munich
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Hola Swifteristas!

Time flies..! Happy new year and hopefully you had a wonderful time during the years.

As our calendars already turned to 2020 we want to tune into the year with a fine gathering learning and chatting about our favourite topic Swift.

This time we are hosted at a special location ☺️🥳!!!

The final address as well as the kick-ass agenda will be shared in our Slack channel a couple of days before - so stay tuned there!
But just for planing reasons - the event will take place a couple of walking minutes away from Karlsplatz/Stachus.


let tbd = "¯\_(ツ)_/¯"
let you : String? = "your name goes here!"

18:30 - 🚪 Doors open
We will open the doors for delicious pizza & beer to have something to hold on to while talking and chatting. Get enthusiastic for the first talk!

19:15 - 🕖 Session I
let title = tbd
let abstract = tbd

19:40 - 🕢 Session II
let title = tbd
let abstract = tbd

20:10 - 🕗 Session III
let title = tbd
let abstract = tbd

⚠️ Call to action ⚠️
If anybody of you has a topic they is enthusiastic and passionate about, just drop us a note. We are always looking for new speakers.
And to all newbie speakers: Just give it a try, accept the challenge - we don't bite and you'll be super proud of yourself afterwards!