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Throughout the week, local dance instructors offer community drop-in classes across the city! Enjoy live music and dancing to some of the best bands in the world. No experience required to try a beginner friendly lesson and enjoy a night dancing!

Be sure to tip you band, instructor and bartender and see what great dancing this city has to offer.

See you on the dance floor!

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Rock Your Swing Dance Fundamentals - Lessons with Ron & Bre

Lindy Hop classes designed to make your fundamentals rock solid! It's the next best thing to a private lesson. We don't just demonstrate good connection and posture. We will dance with students in class so they can feel good lead and follow connection. Often, one teacher watches while the other dances with the student to help spot where improvements can be made. The goal is to refine your technique which will make it MUCH easier to lead, follow, and learn moves. Classes are held in the large room adjacent to lane #1. Pay for the class there with cash or credit card. Teachers stay for the band and are available to answer questions and work out issues during the social dancing. The $20 fee includes staying for the band and social dancing on the best dance floor in the city. But, you must get there a little before 7pm or an additional $10 cover charge will be collected at the door. The Band starts immediately after the class and plays till 11pm. (Drinks are inexpensive and there's no need to tip the band.)

Swing Night at Rock'n'Bowl

Rock 'N' Bowl

Wednesday is Swing Night at Rock'n'Bowl! Check out their website to see which band is playing each week: https://www.rocknbowl.com/new-orleans The cover is usually $10. Drinks are inexpensive and good! Great food too! Check out the 7pm event listing for information about dance lessons. http://meetu.ps/e/GR8J7/BWFM7/f

Swing Dance Classes by Gabriel Cavallini

Community swing dance class for all levels. Tip the teacher! Every Sunday evening at d.b.a. (with few exceptions) This is a fun, fast paced class. But don't be scared if you are a beginner. Gabriel starts with basic steps that everyone should be able to do. Each lesson builds from there and sometimes ends with moves that might challenge even advanced dancers. Gabriel has a HUGE dance vocabulary so you will see something new each week. It is made clear that everyone is not expected to do everything that is presented, But, regardless of your experience level, you will find something that inspires you each week! Stay and dance to a live band after the lesson.

Swing Dance Classes At The Allways Lounge

Allways Lounge

Every Sunday local dance instructors offer a beginning drop-in class at this lovely, non-touristy venue. There is no charge for the class, but a tip jar for instructors is passed at the end! :) Following the class, there is always a live jazz band for your dancing/listening pleasure from 9-12. All skill levels are welcome, and no partner is required. **No cover for either the lesson or the band! Drinks are cheap, and people are friendly :) **Like us on Facebook and stay updated with weekly bands etc. https://www.facebook.com/sundayallways

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Monday Night Swing at the Dragon's Den

Dragon's Den

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