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Swiss CyberSecurity: CyberSecurity talk on the boat
Dear Group Members and Guests, we are inviting you to the Bateau Genève, to have a drink and to talk about cybersecurity in a cozy environment. Swiss CyberSecurity is a community of cybersecurity experts, IT professionals, and all those, who are interested in building a secure world. Our vision is the one of a society of safe connections, where people could have access to information and services without compromising their safety and privacy. Our mission is to create the right cybersecurity mindset, and the right attitude to be aware of the new threats. Swiss CyberSecurity creates a platform where we collect and share knowledge, we spread the voice about CyberSecurity, we increase awareness and we deepen technical knowledge by promoting innovative cyber-defense technologies and solutions. To be able to achieve this aim we are organizing yearly 11 CyberSecurity conferences in Geneva and we meet the community members every month for a drink to speak about the CyberSecurity news. Swiss CyberSecurity built a partnership with (ISC)2 and ISACA, thus our participants can earn CPE credits attending the conferences. Swiss Cyber Storm is our trusted community partner. We are proud to be part of the "Switzerland CyberSlide" managed by the Cyber Startup Observatory. The event is open to everyone and free of charge. Feel free to invite your friends and/or partner. Dress code: casual. See you there :) Be one of our speakers for an upcoming event! Bring new ideas for topics! Send your application here (https://swiss-cybersecurity.ch/callforspeakers.php) Get visibility! Show us innovative technologies! Write us a message to be our sponsor (https://swiss-cybersecurity.ch/contact-us.php)! To gain access to all the conferences in 2018 you can purchase your Loyalty Card for the Second Semester 2018 here https://www.meetup.com/Swiss-CyberSecurity/events/251751337/

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We truly believe that society could grow only sharing knowledge, therefore the goal of this group is to create connections between IT Specialists and general Internet users. The group is focused on the following topics: - Cyber Security - Data protection - Cloud Computing - Social Networks Etc..

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