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We truly believe that society could grow only sharing knowledge, therefore the goal of this group is to create connections between IT Specialists and general Internet users. The group is focused on the following topics: - Cyber Security - Data protection - Cloud Computing - Social Networks Etc..

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Zero-Day Conference - CyberSecurity Strategy for 2020!

Forum Genève

250,00 CHF

Dear Guests, The Swiss-CyberSecurity Community is proud to e the co-organizer of the Zero-Day Conference. Zero-Day is a conference aiming to share knowledge, to develop leadership skills, to deepen the expertise in the cybersecurity field, and to discover innovative cyber-defense solutions to protect your assets. The conference gives you a great opportunity to meet your fellows and to exchange ideas with highly skilled cybersecurity professionals. We are providing you with a full-day agenda, including presentations and best practices that might be supporting your company to improve your CyberSecurity Strategy for 2020! Agenda: * Opening Keynote: Dr. Manuel Suter - MELANI - Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Assurance * The market-place for Zero-Day vulnerabilities - Alexandre Curty - Trend Micro * How AI became key in Identity Governance - Michael Briand - SailPoint * How to re-conciliate cloud and security thanks to Identity and Access Management? - Okta * Approaches and Toolchains to Optimize SOC Operations - Chris * Cyber-risk mirrored by the Cloud Adoption in the Financial Sector - Olivier Busolini - BNP Paribas * Managing encryption across multiple clouds/Hybrid IT: Simple, Manageable, Safe? - Gary Marsden - Gemalto * Closing keynote about security predictions for 2020 with one of the most prestigious representatives of the Swiss Armed Forces, Mr. Marc-André Ryter The ticket includes: - attendance at the 8h conference with 14 speakers and a lot of knowledge in the cybersecurity field - visit the cybersecurity trade show - 5 meals ((breakfast, 2xcoffee, lunch and a cocktail party) - event bag with goodies If you were awarded an ISACA or (ISC)² certification, the participation at this event will grant you up to 8 CPEs. Thank you very much for our sponsors: Trend Micro, CISCO, Barracuda, Panda Security, Okta, SailPoint, Gemalto, PSYND, Swiss Cybersecurity, Hitachi ID, CrowStrike, WIRD GROUP, Ergon. Special thanks for CyberSecurity Trends and Radio Lac. Register today! In case you might need an invoice please contact the Organizer Team: [masked] [masked] zero-day.ch

Swiss CyberSecurity: MOVIE - Vous avez eté hacké

PSYND - Swiss CyberSecurity

15,00 CHF

Phishing, virus, malware, cheval de Troie, spam, attaque par déni de service, attaque par rebond, technique de l'homme du milieu : "Le piratage informatique est un fléau qui ne fait pas de bruit mais qui nous concerne tous", nous rappelle une voix off dans la bande-annonce de Vous avez été hacké de Victor Castanet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aUIaFOEUSo Nous vous invitons à une projection documentaire sur la cybersécurité en français: Vous avez été hacké de Victor Castanet. Ordre du jour: 18h30-18h45 - Accueil et réception 18h45-19h00 Discours d'introduction 19h00-20h30 Regarder le film: Vous avez eté hacké 20: 30-21: 30 Questions&réponses avec pop-corn et boissons C’est une excellente occasion de s’entretenir avec des experts en cybersécurité, de poser vos questions et d’obtenir des réponses à vos problèmes de confidentialité des données, et à la protection de vos communications numériques. Nous vous attendons! L'équipe Swiss-CyberSecurity [masked] www.swiss-cybersecurity.ch Les billets sont transmissibles mais non remboursables.

Swiss-CyberSecurity: Risk Management

Maison des Associations

30,00 CHF

Swiss CyberSecurity: Learn from the experts! Organizations have legal obligations that include privacy, electronic transactions, and staff training that impact on Risk Management strategies. Risk Management also involves the processes for identifying and controlling threats to an organization's digital assets and corporate data. Join us to hear from our speakers and also gain insights from experts with the Swiss-Cybersecurity community about the ways to handle risk management. This conference is aiming to bring together cybersecurity experts, decision-makers, IT professionals, and all those who are interested in this topic. You will be provided with a comprehensive overview of risk management-related issues, actionable insights to manage those risk in your context, and the ability to discuss with experts about your specific concerns. The conference will be split into three parts : 1. An overview of risk management in the cybersecurity field 2. Risk Management methodologies that help companies to move forward 3. Case studies, best practices, Q&A Join us on the 7th of November at Swiss CyberSecurity - Rue de Monthoux 64 - from 18:30 to 21:30!

Swiss CyberSecurity: Christmas Dinner

Au petit chalet

Last meeting of the year

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Swiss CyberSecurity: MOVIE - Vous avez eté hacké

PSYND - Swiss CyberSecurity

15,00 CHF

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