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Whether you're a student, professional or retiree, Swiss Riviera Toastmasters offers a wonderful opportunity to practice your public speaking and leadership skills in English and/or French, while building self-confidence and meeting new people. Whatever you do in life, being able to get your ideas across clearly and with confidence is key to your success.

Toastmasters offers one of the best, most enjoyable, and affordable ways to improve your communication skills, enabling you to be more effective in your professional and personal life.

At each meeting we have 2 or 3 prepared speeches (from existing members) and the option for all attendees (including guests) to have some fun doing 1-2 minute impromptu speeches.

If you join Toastmasters, you determine what type of speaking you want to focus on and how often you want to present. A "pathway" of speaking projects is defined and you use club meetings to practice your speaking skills while benefiting from supportive feedback. Everyone in the club is dedicated to improving themselves and others!

Come and join us for 1 or 2 trial meetings! Guests are welcome free of charge.

Currently we hold our meetings online. In-person meetings (when they resume) are in Montreux.


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Listen to testimonials from members in this short video: https://youtu.be/0peP_oF4io4


Quoi que vous faites dans la vie, être capable de transmettre vos idées clairement et avec confiance est clef pour votre succès.

L'association Toastmasters vous offre parmi les meilleures, et les plus amusantes, méthodes pour améliorer vos compétences de prise de parole en public.

Swiss Riviera Toastmasters est dans la région de Vevey/Montreux.

C'est un lieu où l'on pratique le leadership et la prise de parole en Français et en Anglais. En suivant une série de projets, à votre rythme, vous recevez le retour constructif de vos collègues sur votre performance.

Suite à ce partage d'expériences entre les membres et l'environnement encourageant du club, vous remarquerez que vos capacités s'amélioreront très rapidement! Venez nous visiter lors d'une de nos prochaines réunions!

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