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At Swiss Tech Association, we hack the learning environment to accelerate international success from tech start-ups based in Switzerland. Our aim is connecting people together, make them share ideas & experiences, so they become stronger.

Started end 2013, Swiss Tech Talks are no big events. They’re meant to be collaborative sessions where speakers are going to share their experiences about subjects like innovative technologies, product design & management, work methodology, user experience design and so on.

Looking for exciting meetings & unacademic learning spirit? Willing to be part of our fast growing network? Interested in giving us a hand on bringing innovation players togeter? You’re welcome in the Swiss Tech Family!

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Drones in Switzerland : Opportunities and Challenges


35,00 CHF

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT - 50% Get your tickets for only CHF 17.50 until September 24. TICKETS: https://swisstechassociation.ch/product/drones-in-switzerland-opportunities-and-challenges/ About the talk (held in ENGLISH) This talk will be a status report on drones in Switzerland. What are the upcoming innovations, legislation, and permits? What challenges will arise in the next few years? How is Upperview Productions innovating in this field? You will be given concrete examples of how drones can be used to do some good. About the speaker Fabian Jobin is the founder of Upperview Productions. Pioneer of aerial photography by drone since 2011, Upperview Productions has been chosen by multiple clients to deliver them with the most spectacular images. It is also active in thermography and photogrammetry thanks to the latest generation of professional equipment.

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