• Drones in Switzerland : Opportunities and Challenges


    35,00 CHF

    EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT - 50% Get your tickets for only CHF 17.50 until September 24. TICKETS: https://swisstechassociation.ch/product/drones-in-switzerland-opportunities-and-challenges/ About the talk (held in ENGLISH) This talk will be a status report on drones in Switzerland. What are the upcoming innovations, legislation, and permits? What challenges will arise in the next few years? How is Upperview Productions innovating in this field? You will be given concrete examples of how drones can be used to do some good. About the speaker Fabian Jobin is the founder of Upperview Productions. Pioneer of aerial photography by drone since 2011, Upperview Productions has been chosen by multiple clients to deliver them with the most spectacular images. It is also active in thermography and photogrammetry thanks to the latest generation of professional equipment.

  • Venture Capital: What are Investors Expectations? (Conference)

    Innovation Lab

    35,00 CHF

    In this talk, Nicolas Berg will explain how successful startups recruit, raise funds and communicate. Until May 31st, you can get early bird tickets at only CHF 17.50 (instead of CHF 35.-) on https://swisstechassociation.ch/product/venture-capital-an-investors-expectations/ Get FREE ENTRANCE by becoming a member of the Swiss Tech Association: https://swisstechassociation.ch/become-a-member/

  • Employer Branding: How to Build a Global Brand with the Help of e-Learning

    In this session, we will look at some of the most successful learning and development initiatives and how they reinforce employer branding. We will discuss the ways your company can leverage its resources to provide a great learning experience for its employees and build a stronger brand for itself. Buy your ticket on https://swisstechassociation.ch/product/employer-branding-how-to-build-a-global-brand/

  • Fribourg : AARRR ! Astuces pour booster sa start-up.

    Register : https://www.eventbrite.fr/e/billets-aaarrr-astuces-pour-booster-sa-start-up-41845760797

  • Geneva : Looking back at 3 years of Design Sprint: UX & Design Thinking

    Register : https://www.eventbrite.fr/e/billets-the-design-sprint-ux-design-thinking-google-ventures-way-41845368624 Speaker: Stéphane Cruchon Speed, disruption, risk management... Today’s companies and start-ups face major challenges while conceiving their new products and services. We live in an exciting time in the field of digital design. New tools now allow you to prototype and test a website or mobile app in a matter of days. To support this change, designers need to review the way they collaborate with the client. We'll see how Design Sprint, a methodology created by Google UX specialists, can help us develop better products faster. In 2015, Stéphane Cruchon left his job as a User Experience Designer in a large group to take on a crazy challenge: to become one of the first Designers in Europe to work according to this radically innovative approach. In 3 years, Stéphane experienced the sometimes precarious status of a self-employed person, the horrors of the Swiss bureaucracy and finally the need to grow and hire talents. What did Stéphane learn on the way? This is the discussion of tonight.

  • Bienne : E-commerce In China: Disruptive Innovations and Changing the Games

    Register: https://www.eventbrite.fr/e/billets-e-commerce-in-china-disruptive-innovations-and-how-they-changed-the-games-41845107844

  • Bern : Unternehmertum und Über-sich-selbst-Hinauswachsen

    Urbanfish Coworking Space

    Register: https://www.eventbrite.fr/e/billets-unternehmertum-und-uber-sich-selbst-hinauswachsen-41844821989 Speaker: Philippe Vallat Humanistische und holistische Reflexionen über Progress, Innovation, (Berufs)Erfolg, Elon Musk, Start-up, Hochleistung und andere, je nach Lust und Laune…

  • Neuchatel : Sharing your job in a digital world: opportunities and challenges

    Register : https://www.eventbrite.fr/e/billets-sharing-your-job-in-a-digital-world-opportunities-and-challenges-41844679563 Speaker: Irenka K. Job and Top sharing models of work become more and more attractive for all generations. It allows life-work balance and to get to the most interesting positions while working part-time. It helps to get into slash careers and increase diversity. Job and Top sharing are not new but they become today more and more attractive thank to the digital world.

  • Sion : La vraie histoire du crowdfunding de la brasserie La Mine

    Speaker: Michael Dupertuis Enregistrez vous : https://www.eventbrite.fr/e/billets-la-vraie-histoire-du-crowdfunding-de-la-brasserie-la-mine-41844582272 Septembre 2016, la coopérative brassicole La Mine voit le jour. Son objectif était alors de créer des bières spéciales destinées à ses 15 membres. Finalement, rien ne s’est passé comme prévu. La brasserie a accepté de distribuer ses bières lors de quelques événements locaux et ce fut un grand succès. Un succès qui mena l’équipe à se professionnaliser et se lancer dans un crowdfunding d’un mois pour lui permettre de tripler sa capacité de production et répondre aux attentes des bars locaux ainsi que des personnes qui avaient gouté à cette bière. Finalement, en seulement 3 jours, l’objectif financier du crowdfunding était atteint et a déclenché une vague d’enthousiasme au sein de la coopérative et à l’extérieur! Découvrez la vraie histoire qui a conduit à ce succès ainsi que les suites données à cette aventure!

  • Passive income is a myth: let's debunk it!

    Impact Hub Geneva

    Speaker: Mirko Humbert Internet marketers hate this guy, attend this Swiss Tech Talk to find out why! If you have some kind of professional activity on the Internet, you probably came across marketers that promise you that you can make money on the Internet while sipping mojitos on the beach. This is a scam, you will learn why in this presentation. For over 10 years now, Mirko Humbert has been making money online and experimented with various ways to do so. He will walk you through his journey, with a focus on the efforts involved in each money-making method.