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Hi everyone,

we are happy to invite you to the CRISPR.Kitchen Demo!

After a week of intense discussions, the 19 participants from all over the world will present you how we together envision our future with the ground-braking genome editing technology CRISPR.

Its likely, that it will change everything: from eradicating the root of malaria, saving billions of male chickens and curing cancer - and it might be used by thousands of biohacker's.

Join us for this one time demo of mindblowing thoughts!

What is the CRISPR.Kitchen?

IT-ITAS is inviting young scientist from the natural sciences, social sciences, the humanities and legal Sciences, as well as biohackers to a one week retreat (Klausurwoche) at the UnternehmerTUM, Munich. We want to explore and discuss what could be the consequences of a democratized and decentral use of genome editing in the near future. Furthermore, presentations of participants and invited experts will help to develop critical questions and provide crucial background knowledge.

Learn more about it and apply for the event at:

What is CRISPR Genome Editing?

The enormous progress in recent years of DNA sequencing and the increasing knowledge on genetic elements raises hopes that these insights will become medically and industrially exploitable. The recently developed CRISPR-Cas gene-editing technology allows for the fast, cheap and easily applicable processing of genomic DNA in cells and organisms.

New to CRISPR? Learn more about it on SynBio.INFO (