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👉What is TOK UP?

⚡TOK-UP gives you the chance to increase your visibility with a platform that brings together investors, established companies, future employees & customers on your profile. We create the right atmosphere to make Meetups & Events great again!

👉Are you a Facebook advertising PRO?
This talk is for social media managers, performance marketers, business owners and everyone who wants to crack the algorithm on Facebook/Instagram. All skill levels welcome!

👉The Struggle
Almost everyone needs a better social media account. Let alone a bigger audience on Instagram, YouTube, etc. And that's what this meetup talk is about.

Last time TOK UP has shown you how to make badass meetups that the audience will never forget! This meetup will blow your mind when you get a new set of different techniques, tips and principles for growing your audience on social media and in general.

👉 You will learn…
⚡…how to grow your fanbase with thousands of people without having to create content or run a ton of expensive paid ads
⚡…how to incentivize people to share your posts and refer friends to your company (fast)
⚡…performance marketing hacks
⚡…how to create engaging content
⚡…how to survive community management
⚡…about surprising success stories
⚡…which fails to avoid
⚡…how to deal with the facebook account managers

All you marketers out there, join this group, share knowledge, and help each other rock the Facebook platform.

👉 About the speakers
Stoyan Vlahovski helps people grow their social media and email list (at the same time) with the help of viral giveaways. He leverages the power of word of mouth and creates a marketing message which spreads like wildfire. Featured in Small Business Bonfire, StartupTV, GrowthBug, Hacker Noon, LAMA App, Community1x1

Güney Yogurtcu was part of the startup "Take Walks" which is now known as a worldwide online tour operator and a tycoon in tourism in its genre. New York, Paris, Rome, Istanbul were his playgrounds and in all that time he knew that for being a good salesperson you have to be authentic and work on yourself, on your character, on your fears. He knew that funnels are not enough to close deals and outbound sales is the key to success more than ever before in a market were the client is oversaturated and bombarded with ad impressions on all channels.

Ahmed Jemaa is owner of a social Media Marketing Agency that helps eCommerce Brands grow and scale with Facebook & Instagram Ads. He’ll go over the ins and outs of building an eCommerce business from scratch in 2020, sharing the Hands-on Expertise he gathered working with several young eCommerce Brands.

👉 Do I need to speak German?
We speak mostly English so international guests are more than welcome! Our team also speaks French, Russian and German…

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