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The Short: Whether you are new to town or lived here forever and hoping to put the 'social' back in your life, this could be the group for you!

The 411: Tired of the same old bar & brunch scene? Want to make friends in real life outside of work? Is your couch becoming such a close friend that you've named it? Sick of the Mean Girl Wars in some social groups? Did you move here to get out of the rat race but aren't quite ready to be a hermit crab? If you have been looking for a group of gregarious gals who actually get out of the house to do a wide variety of cool events always happening around town, want to know some interesting, capable and positive ladies like you, and to build strong and lasting friendships - congratulations! You found us!

The Demographics: We are a group of women in our 40's and 50's, of all races, backgrounds, political beliefs, nationalities and lifestyles, who live and/or work in the Phoenix Metro Area, who are single, married, and somewhere in between. Some of us have two-legged kids, some have fur babies and a few of us call the dust bunnies under the bed "pets." We know some of the strongest bonds we make are with our girlfriends to find support, understanding, and most of all FUN. Remember fun? Yeah, we had sort of forgotten too. Let's recapture that sense of adventure and camaraderie that we all need to feel connected and form a community tight enough to hold water. *NOTE: you must have a profile photo that clearly shows your face so we can recognize you at events. Profiles without this will be denied/removed from the group.

The Events: While we are diverse as individuals, together we share a common goal of exploring our neighborhood, city, state and the world. Some events we enjoy include but are not limited to: museums, theater, day & weekend trips, chick flix, wine tasting, crafting, adult coloring, concerts, kayaking, pool parties, cookouts, potlucks, picnics, karaoke, game night, fairs and festivals, yard sales, thrift stores, mellow hiking and camping, walking dogs, and volunteering in our area. (If you have a suggestion you would like to see as an event, please feel free to message the Leadership Team as we are always open to new ideas.)

The Rules: This is a very active group and we ask that members attend at least one event every four months or they will be removed to make room for other members. We realize that life happens and unexpected things come up, but we ask members to notify an organizer as soon as possible if they are not able to attend an event to which they have RSVP'd "yes" and members with more than 2 no-shows and/or 3 same day cancellations (which will be marked as "no shows") in a year will be removed from the group. We feel these rules are fair and respectful to everyone.

We look forward to meeting you at one of our frequent events soon!

Welcome to the TRIBE.

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