Meet a Digital Nomad: Dayana Aleksandrova

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Coworking in the Sun (CC La Cúpula)

Avenida Marqués de Villanueva del Prado 38400 Puerto de la Cruz · Tenerife

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We are located in the Commercial Center La Cúpula, next to the FU Café!

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Dayana or “Dee” always traveled down a road full of twists and turns, only to find her passion in living as a digital nomad.

Born in Bulgaria, she studied in the US and had a short taste of the, let’s say ‘traditional life’ after graduation. She settled for an apartment and a 9-5 corporate job – end of story.

Well, not so fast! Dayana quickly realized that this world isn’t for her.

Giving in to her wanderlust, she left on a one-way ticket to Bali. From that point onwards, she toured the world as travel writer and photographer. Her adventures led her to Southeast Asia, Spain and the Dominican Republic, only to name a few.

Currently, she’s right here in Tenerife where she joined our small team for a month.

In her presentation, she will look back on how she started out as a digital nomad – and how she failed at the first try.

You’ll hear all about her experiences on the road – including the advantages and disadvantages of this lifestyle. And on top, she’ll introduce you to platforms and communities that can help you to get started as digital nomad all for yourself.

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Join our meetup and learn more about Dee and her lifestyle!
See you soon!

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