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Relationship Rules: designing how people partner
How to you organize a relationship? There a time when a couple (or whatever construct) comes up with rules to steer how they interact and live. But what are these rules? Are they explicit or just tacitly understood? Which rule is takes priority if something happens? What do the rules cover? Can you change them...? Ah, so many questions! In this Black Umbrella Society meetup we will have an open, non-judgmental discussion on rules in relationships. If it is anything like the previous ones, it will definitely be eye opening - and useful! We gather 1830 - 1900... then we'll have a chat that will kick off with some short talks (5 - 10 mins) and then dive into questions, insights, provoking and challenging debates, etc. We will have drinks too :) And for those interested, we usually head for a drink afterwards too.

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    Join if you are interested in - relationships, dating, being happier more than sad, curious about the new world we live in....

    How can we be happier and be less sad?
    Are Hollywood romance movies the right model for developing deep good relationships? (or are they really about justifying creepy stalking ;)
    If we will be alive till we are over 100... can we honestly say 'till death do us part'? Given that half of marriages today end in divorce and the adultery rate (claimed) is at 25% (yeah, right...)
    Should we expect our partners to be a lover, cook, chauffeur, comedian, font of knowledge, care giver, child rearer.... every day for the rest of our human lives?
    Is their only one soul mate out there... or are there lots waiting to be discovered?
    Is serial monogamy (sometimes at rapid pace!) naturally better than consensual non-monogamy?
    Are humans monogamous anyway??

    Relationships are a part of life that gives us happiness... and sadness... sometimes with the same person, on the same day. Given the changes in society, openness of technology, longer life spans, and more... what will relationships look like in the near-future? And how do these relationship models fit our own personal needs for growth and life expansion?

    In this meetup we will discuss this big topic, and get into the details of different areas. We will cover science, stats, personal experience, discussion on models that might work - and more. And in case you are wondering, there is a history around the name of 'Black Umbrella Society'. The first meetup on this topic took place in Myanmar at a big conference with around 30 people in rapt attention for a two hour chat... one member suggested calling it 'Black Umbrella' as he told the story of Kerala State in India where women are in charge... and he claimed the women of the household would leave a black umbrella outside the front door... to tell the husband or man of the house to take a walk while she was with someone else. Why not!

    The meetup was started by Mark Turrell - he was nominated a Tech Pioneer and Young Gobal Leader by the World Economic Forum. He's the author of 'Scaling' and is currently in Year 10 of his 25-Year Plan to change the entire world for better (relationships being part of it!).

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