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The Bluegrass Developers Guild is a community representing a number of developers and organizations in the state of Kentucky.

Please visit our website (https://www.bluegrassdevs.org/) to find information on our code of conduct, to join our Slack team, and/or to obtain more information about our group.

This group is in part sponsored by Awesome Inc. and CGRII; these organizations are not responsible for the content of this meetup page, the content of the Guild website, or activities that take place at user group meetings.

This group was inspired by the Suncoast Developers Guild (https://suncoast.io/).

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Developers Unconference at TECX19

Lexington Public Library, Central Library

Get Feedback. Learn New Skills. Share Your Struggles. Come Share Your Code With US. If you've never participated in an unconference the basic idea is that at a conference the attention is on the stage, at an unconference the attention is on the attendees. It reverses the arrangement and that's why its an 'un'-conference. In practice, what that means is that the most attendees bring a topic to share and register those topics in the morning while we're munching donuts and coffee. Then everyone votes on what they'd like to hear about and we follow the wisdom of the crowd (democracy in action, folks!). You're also very welcome to come and vote and listen and learn even if you're too shy to give a talk. Plan for your topics to be 15, 25, or 45 minutes. We've going to group the talks by skill level as well, so we're sure to deliver information at the speed the audience is already at. We're going to send out a call for presentations as we get closer to the event and will open voting the day before the event. Ticket Required - First 100 Students are FREE Schedule and details here: https://www.tecx19.com/schedule/thursday-sep-19#unconference Purchase tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tecx-tickets-63022885146

TECX: Hackathon

Awesome Inc

Join us for the first TECX Hackathon! Hackers and makers from around Kentucky will meet for a 24 hour hackathon. Food, coffee, and swag will be on us, so come prepared to network and build projects with technical innovators, entrepreneurial organizations, and motivated community groups. Register today for tickets on Eventbrite! And make sure to tell your college friends because the first 100 students get in for free! Here is a code for 50% off https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tecx-tickets-63022885146?discount=awesomefriendsandfamily Special Theme: Child Suicide Prevention Initiative The special theme for the TECX 2019 hackathon will be child suicide prevention. If you do not have a project, you are strongly urged to create a project focused on assisting children, their families and their friends with suicide prevention and sustainable suicide prevention resources. Build an app, do some research, create a community to assist in this effort. A good example of technical solution is the notOK app (https://www.notokapp.com/). Details Awesome Inc – 20 to 21 September, 2019 Hardware Bring your laptops if you plan to work on a technical project. There is room for non-technical hacks as well, so come prepared to present you project in some way, shape, or form. Accessibility If you require special assistance during the hackathon beyond what Awesome Inc provides, please contact us below. Notes and Resources https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2019/07/google-partners-lgbt-suicide-prevention-nonprofit/593821/ https://www.thetrevorproject.org/

Freelance Fridays


Freelance Friday at Base110! Thanks to this very generous offering from Base110, come grab a desk and check out the space for free on Fridays. Enjoy coffee, donuts, food, and community at one of the co-working space desks from 8am to 5pm.

Open Code - Lexington

Awesome Inc.

The purpose of Open Code is to provide a safe place for developers to code in the company of each other. We want you all to feel welcome; whether you are experienced or just trying to figure out how to get started. You will find many people at our meetup working with different technologies and programming languages. This is encouraged! If you are stuck on a problem and looking for help there may be a developer there experienced in that technology who is willing to help. It happens often! We do not have any particular format, and we will not be presenting any content. We do have a brief round of introductions at about 6:15 just to help break the ice and get to know each other a bit. Although everyone is welcome, including recruiters, we ask that they give their pitch briefly during introductions and allow developers to approach them. Please allow people to code. Please help us maintain a safe and inviting environment for all kinds of people by reading and adhering to the Bluegrass Developers Guild Code of Conduct (https://www.bluegrassdevs.org).

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Open Code - Lexington

Awesome Inc.

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