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If you are enthusiastic about playing board games, card games, role playing games, or any other kinds of games, and you would like to meet other people who enjoy it too, join us!

Feel free to make your own events – any group member can schedule an event. If you are playing in a public space (e.g. a restaurant), just make sure that you reserve a table and that the staff is OK with games being played :)

Naturally, you are invited to sign up (RSVP) for any of the events posted here. Some events have more of an English-speaking crowd, some more German - usually you can tell by the title and description of the event. If you don't speak any German at all, you'll still be welcome though, just let the people at the event know!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the (co-)organizers.

Bevorstehende Events (5+)

Board game fair in Duisburg

Emscherstraße 63

4,00 €

We are going to visit the Spiel Doch! in Duisburg and play new games. You can also buy and test games with publishers, both used games and new releases e.g. a game about collecting birds and eggs. Games: Games range from card games to Pen & Paper. The fair is mostly focus on board games. We will also be able to borrow some board games at "spielkonzept4U" and play them there. List of publishers: https://www.nostheide.de/downloads/SpielDoch2019_V32_ohne_m.pdf Food: There are going to be food and cola trucks, but expect expo prices. Location and arriving: The Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord is a large park turned into a public place left from the time Germany produced a lot of steel. It's a 40 minute ride by train and tram from Düsseldorf to Duisburg! Let's have fun and see you there!

Board games night @Holocafé

Am Wehrhahn 41

We are going to play board games at a new location in the town center of Düsseldorf. Fortunately the founders of Holocafé share a passion for games with us. Finding us is easy, just look for a pile of board games on a table :-) See you Friday 6:30pm at Holocafé (Am Wehrhahn 41 in Düsseldorf)! ==Extras== Games: We play and explain games both in English and German. We will have enough games, bringing your own games is optional. In addition the number of spots will be limited comparatively to our other meetups. Food: You may order Fritz Cola, tea or coffee and waffles. You can also find REWE City, Netto and Rossmann by foot should you need more. Travel: Two stops from the main train station HBF Düsseldorf. Just exit at Pempelforter Straße U (U71, U72, U73, U83), Pempelforter Straße (704, 721, 722, 737, 807) or Jacobistraße (707). Best parking spots are at Toulouser Allee. ==Deutsch== Ab 18:30 spielen wir Freitags verschiedene Brettspiele und trinke das Holocafé leer. Das Café ist mit dem Nahverkehr gut angebunden und zwei Stationen von Hauptbahnhof Düsseldorf entfernt. Wir haben genug Brettspiele, du kannst natürlich trotzdem eigene Brettspiele mitbringen. Bis zum nächsten Freitag, wir freuen uns dich kennenzulernen!

Brettspielabend im Medienhafen


Der nächste Brettspielabend findet am 12. April 2019 ab 17:00 Uhr bei sipgate statt. Organisiert vom Brettspiel-Podcast BrettVormPod (https://brettvormpod.de) und sipgate (https://sipgate.de). Vom absoluten Anfänger bis zum routinierten Vielspieler sind alle willkommen. Packt Familie und Freunde ein und kommt zum gemeinsamen Spielen. Damit ihr auch ohne langes Regelwälzen neue Spiele ausprobieren könnt, bereiten wir wie immer einige Spiele vor und stellen uns als Erklärbären bereit. Zur Info: Für das Finanzamt braucht sipgate Vor- und Nachnamen der Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer. Daher bitten wir euch am Abend vor Ort, euch mit Namen in eine Liste einzutragen. Info für die Aktion Spielend für Toleranz -> (https://www.spiel-des-jahres.com/de/toleranz) ------------------------------------------------------------- The next board game night at sipgate will be on April 12th, 2019, at 5PM! Brought to you by the board games podcast BrettVormPod (https://brettvormpod.de) and sipgate (https://sipgate.de). Whether you’re a board game beginner or master dice thrower, everyone is welcome to join in, so pack up your family and friends and bring them with you! You don’t have to worry about reading all the rules to learn a new game , either - as usual, we'll prepare some games ahead of time and make ourselves available as explainers. FYI: sipgate requires the first and last names of all participants in order to submit attendance records to the finance authorities. Therefore we that you enter your name into our guest list when you arrive.

Bi-weekly board games evening

Gaststätte „freiligrath“

Board games evening – everybody is welcome to join! Please bring games you like to play with us! The group is easy to spot, just look for board games (or ask for the reservation: "Spieleabend"). We can teach new games both in English and German and there are always English and German speaking gamers. We play in the bar Freiligrath, feel free to support the bar with a drink. That way we can spread to more tables and invite more people :-) Food and snacks are also available should you feel hungry. See you Wednesday 7:30pm at Freiligrath (Neusser Str. 133 in Düsseldorf)! Please note: This event is organized bi-weekly on Couchsurfing, MeetUp and Spontacts, so there may be more people attending than are listed here (usually 10-20). --DEUTSCH-- Spieleabend - jeder Mitspieler ist willkommen! Bitte bring Brett-, Karten oder Würfelspiele die Du mit uns spielen willst mit. Die Gruppe ist einfach zu finden, halte Ausschau nach einem Stapel Brettspiele. (Reserviert für: "Spieleabend") Wir spielen in der Kneipe Freiligrath, die Wirtin freut sich über Bestellungen von Getränke. So stellen wir sicher, dass wir langfristig mehr Tische und Platz kriegen :-) Gegen spontane Hungeranfällen hilft die Speisekarte. Bis Mittwoch 19:30 im Freiligrath (Neusser Str. 133 in Düsseldorf)! Merke: Dieses Event organisiere ich 2-wöchentlich auf Couchsurfing, MeetUp und Spontacts, daher sind mehr Spieler dort als hier gelistet (normalerweise 10-20).

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