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Protecting your startup from Data Protection
The panic prior to the launch of GDPR seems to have subsided. So we’re back to using online generators and relaxing, right? Not so fast, we still think it’s worth dealing with GDPR related questions around your business. The intention of this event is not to scare you but raise awareness so that you as an entrepreneur know how to deal with GDPR and when to be careful (especially if you don’t have Google’s or Facebook’s deep pockets). Join Benjamin Werthman, German lawyer and founder, as he guides you through what the GDPR actually is and what it means for your business. THE EVENT DETAILS: AGENDA: The scope of GDPR: -Personal data (everything is personal) -Business (dual use) -EU (bigger than you think) Key aspects: -Authorised use of personal data -Data protection declaration -Process documentation -Data Protection Officer Sharing data: -Data processing agreements -Joint controllers -Cross-border: model clauses How not to get fined: -Make the Data Protection Agency your friend -Common sense approach -Legal advice WHERE: Poststraße 22, 10178 Berlin (Press the LegalBase doorbell) COST: Free WHO: Benjamin Werthmann is a fully qualified German lawyer and founder. After many years working for a global law firm, he branched out and started his own legal tech company. Recently, he founded another company, Werthing, a law firm with a digital business model (https://werthing.com). He has extensive experience with EU legislation, including working on several GDPR projects.

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