The Growth Marketing League #5

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About You

Domstraße 10 · Hamburg

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Close to U1-Jungfernstieg (5-minute walk)

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Moin, folks! It’s growth o’clock again.

After a long hiatus, The Growth Marketing League #5 will take place on the 20th of November (Tuesday), 2018. In our re-encounter, we’ll have the opportunity to discuss some interesting real-life business cases.

Jörg Eichentopf (Product Manager at XING Marketing Solutions) will walk us through a recent case of his that shows the pros and cons of optimizing your business landing pages. He’ll be accompanied by Farschid Eshaghmohammadi (Founder & CEO at inuit Marketing), who will cover another three interesting cases of clients he had in which growth hacking didn’t quite work as expected because of non-technical reasons, sharing the learnings he got from these situations.

To keep the tradition alive, beer, soda and snacks will be available so that everyone can enjoy these amazing talks to their fullest.

The event will happen in the ABOUT YOU office, located at Domstraße 10, Hamburg, a quick 5-minute walk from U1-Jungfernstieg.

This is the schedule:

18:50: Doors Open
19:00: Event Start and Introduction
19:10: Jörg Eichentopf (XING Marketing Solutions) - Should You Optimize Your Product Landing Pages?
19:30: Break
19:40: Farschid Eshaghmohammadi (inuit marketing agency) - Why 3 of My Clients Failed at Growth Hacking
20:00: Networking and Get-Together w/ Snacks & Beer

More details about the speakers and their talks:

Jörg Eichentopf

Jörg works as a product manager at XING in Hamburg. With a background in product management for the gaming industry, he enjoys improving products. This improving process regularly involves A/B tests.

Talk: Should You Optimize Your Product Landing Pages?

We recently optimized one of our landing pages at XING. I will show the results of the A/B test that was done to evaluate this decision plus some conclusions we reached. Hopefully, this will help you to decide if you should optimize your landing pages or not.

Farschid Eshaghmohammadi

Farschid is the CEO of the online marketing and design agency inuit. He helps clients like Görtz and XING conduct initiatives focused on performance marketing and corporate design. Farschid strongly believes in taking risks together with clients as a key element for success, never leaving them alone in their ventures.

Talk: Why 3 of My Clients Failed at Growth Hacking

Successful projects are always great. But what about looking at three cases from clients where growth hacking strategies didn't take off due to internal structures, processes and lack of communication? Let's talk about the reasons behind each case and how we found solutions that can be implemented to prevent such scenarios in future projects.

See you there!

André, Dennis & Jenny.