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Tibetan Buddhism is one of the world's most profound mystical traditions. It holds some of the most powerful and direct teachings and practices to support spiritual awakening and our ability to live happy, free lives in harmony with the sacredness of all reality.

For many, the highest teaching of Tibetan Buddhism is Dzogchen. Dzogchen is focussed purely on awakening and enlightenment. The word Dzogchen means “The Great Perfection” and points to our true nature – our buddha-nature – as always already enlightened and one with the whole of Reality.

These classes will give an introduction to Tibetan Buddhism and Dzogchen. We will explore their place within the Buddhist tradition as a whole, and as some of the most powerful pathways of spiritual awakening. There will also be taught meditation practices from the lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.

This course suits both beginners and those with experience of Tibetan Buddhism, and also those who would like to begin the Dzogchen practices that set the foundation for the main practice – recognising our always already enlightened true nature and living that through all of life.

Jon Darrall-Rew has been a student of Dzogchen for much of his life, and has been invited to teach the Dzogchen introductory practices by his Tibetan Dzogchen Lama.

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