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The Holding Space is a generative experiential learning space for people who coach, mentor or facilitate others. The intent is to build a community and organise events to build ongoing professional capabilities.

What can I expect?

At a Holding Space event you can expect guest coaches or facilitators to explore with you in-depth a coaching skill or topic, followed by practice and exercises. The learning is mainly experiential. That means working on your own with yourself, with others in pairs, small groups or in open space-type activities.

Why do we care about ‘holding space’?

We all affect space, whether we are aware of it or not. Through our coaching role, presence and behaviour, we determine the quality of space that we interact in with others. Holding space is a subtle skill. It is not taught to us at school. It’s something about stepping out of the centre of the conversation and ‘taking in’ the wider field. By being aware of the wider field, we can create spaces that feel held, purposeful and charged with energy, so people are called forward to do things they never thought they could do.

What is our focus?

Applying our work in context
People practice coaching in a variety of circumstances. From being a parent or
teacher through to supporting people be their best version of themselves be it at
work, rest or play. The Holding Space is an inclusive environment where we can
learn from different contexts.

Ongoing skills development
The Holding Space is about deepening our coaching skills beyond the standard
coaching education. We often have limited access to connect with other practitioners
and ongoing coaching skills development, whether you are:
● a successful coach,
● transitioning into coaching or
● you are employed in a role where you apply coaching

Expanding awareness
Coaching models and tools are one thing - it’s our way of being that attracts people
to work with us. The Holding Space is about how we shape ‘our way of being’ so that
we can thrive individually and in the community.

By calling it the Holding Space we set the intention to co-create the conditions for a
light, generative and safe holding space where you can just be, grow and resource
yourself to thrive and in so doing also the people you touch.

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