Worum es bei uns geht

The last months I have just watched how our group reached 35 members. Since the first two attempts to have a live meeting about a year ago did not work I decided to wait for a while.

Bad Oldesloe is so close to Hamburg - a non-stop-train-ride of 24 minutes from HH Hbf for about 5€ (return -with a group ticket for five persons).

So take the chance while it is 2016 and fall's weather has not been that bad so far. We can discuss wonderful further activities, but I would like to get to know you a bit more first.

The original idea for TIPOB was developed on Thursday, August 4th, 2015. At the adult education center of Bad Oldesloe language teachers and other trainers from several countries were gathering and celebrating the annual chance to exchange ideas, stories and culture information about their home countries in English.

"Once a year is simply not enough" many thought and said - so why not set up a new Meetup (which by the way seems to be the first in Bad Oldesloe)!

Willkommen sind aber nicht nur Englisch sprechende Weltbürger und Interessierte mit einer anderen Staatsbürgerschaft aus dem Landkreis Stormarn, sondern auch kommunikationsfreudige Einwohnerinnen und Englisch-Sprachschüler, neugierige Neuankömmlinge und aktive Künstlerinnen wie auch kochbegeisterte Hausmänner oder lebenserfahrene Geschichtskenner aus der Region.

(let this be translated to you by a bilingual friend of yours, if necessary)

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